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- Feathers and Fluff -
A Beautiful Bird Book for children

You’ll never look at a garden bird again without a smile!

....Unless you’re a cat!

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Poor Robin has been injured and now awaits his fate...

A garden robin lay dead-still - 
Beneath an open window sill;
His back was flat upon the ground - 
Little Robin made no sound...

A cat had seen him as a treat
And hoped for something good to eat;
"One gulp," Cat thought, "would be enough
To dine upon this bungled fluff."

Will Robin be saved?

Who will come to his rescue?

An exquisite, original rhyming story written as part of a book series to be enjoyed through the early reading years and beyond.


This easy-to-read, short and playful animal story for children is page after page of perfect rhyme. It can encourage natural skills in understanding sounds, rhymes and ideas through enjoyable rhythms with memorable patterns and phrases.


With a small sprinkle of magical sparkle and a dash of light humour, this charming tale stirs the imagination to delight its readers.

A loveable garden bird has been rescued but feels a little dishevelled. Will anyone come to his rescue?

Filled with a joyful spirit and brimming with imaginative moments, this children's wildlife story is about an outgoing, friendly garden bird; the popular robin redbreast - Britain’s national and most loved garden bird. 

A must-read for anyone who has ever stumbled upon a wild animal or bird in need of a little help.

Join this loveable bird at the start of his journey in Feathers and Fluff, the first book of six in this delightful new children's fiction book series, Robin RoseHip: A Bird's Tale.

  • A short story that celebrates friendship, determination and kindness

  • Suitable for a range of ages

  • Fabulous rhyming verse for an engaging read-aloud, fictional wildlife story

  • Varying patterns, rhythms and sounds for fun and for developing reading skills

  • Features a loveable bird character and his friends

Robin RoseHip is a complete story over six books all told in perfect rhyme!


It will enchant the hearts and minds of all ages as the character of this somewhat cheeky garden robin is revealed; a perfect read-aloud rhyming tale about kindness and love for younger children to enjoy, or cosy reading for those with a soft spot for wildlife, birds and nature. 

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