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A garden robin lay dead-still - 
Beneath an open window sill;
His back was flat upon the ground - 
Little Robin made no sound...

A cat had seen him as a treat
And hoped for something good to eat;
"One gulp," Cat thought, "would be enough
To dine upon this bungled fluff."

Will Robin be saved?

Who will come to his rescue?

Most children and many adults love stories about animals and birds – besides the cuteness of them and a natural interest or curiosity in them, many children love them because they can reflect situations without the sometimes complex human world and show behaviour or emotions from another viewpoint.

Robin RoseHip is a special tale about a very special little garden robin whose story combines his rescue and recovery with elements of a modern fairy tale.

Each book in this nature series is a unique children’s story about a garden bird who is friendly, charming and loveable -sometimes a little boisterous and very thoughtful – written in rhyme, this is Robin’s song for freedom – sometimes he complains, sometimes he tweets and sometimes he daydreams to pass time until he can be free again! 

A must-read for animal-lovers, bird spotters and anyone who has ever stumbled upon a wild animal or bird and thought about if and how it might be to care for them or longed for the bond that comes with having a wild bird as a friend.

Through Robin, the reader is taken on a garden bird’s journey of coming to terms with a change in his situation, as a wild bird having to adjust to living indoors for a while.

Written as a poem story, or narrative verse, this children’s bird book series is written in rhyme but reads like a story. It currently has three books published, with a fourth book due at the end of September, beginning of October, ‘Ding Ding Merrily Merrily Be’ - a Christmas story about a robin. In total six books will be available by the end of 2022, early 2023.

These original bird books for children are written in perfect rhyme and are ideal children’s nature books to introduce young children to poetry as they listen to the rhythms and rhymes, phrases and memorable lines. They're also great for older, more advanced readers.

More than a simple rhyming book, the stories about this garden bird will delight older readers, introducing simple ideas of kindness and empathy through humour and a handful of magical moments.


This is a bird’s tale to delight young children and independent readers alike - and may even touch the hearts of adult readers who love nothing better than a light read about the UKs favourite garden bird, the robin redbreast. The series covers the time from when the bird is rescued, how it feels to be a Christmas robin and how he feels as he gets ready to return to the wild when spring arrives.

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