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Products & Processes

Products are based on original paintings and drawings by Claire Murthy which are then redesigned and/or reproduced as prints, cards and other products. They are made in Britain: created, designed and printed in the South of England.

Izzie Lizzie Busy Bee book is published by CMI Publications Ltd and printed by 'the UK's most progressive and ethical print supplier', both based locally in the South of England.


Please Note:

Each item listed in the shopping areas is for the item(s) described only; other items shown are not included.

Prints come without mounts and are not framed, unless specified in the listing.

Colours may vary due to different monitors and the natural characteristics of our materials.

The artist’s signature on the original artwork will show on the print, if applicable.

Digital watermarks seen in the online image(s) are not on the actual print.

Prints & Greetings Cards

Each print & greeting card is individually printed to order, by hand.

Papers may be FSC, low/no OBA, standard and/or archival, depending on options available.

Printed using genuine long-lasting, fade-resistant inks or archival inks, as specified.

Limited Edition and Premium Archival Prints

Limited edition and premium archival prints on heritage cotton or similar quality archival paper with no optical brighteners, used with genuine high quality branded archival inks.

These prints have a subtle texture and rich inks for superior prints with the subtle look and feel of an original painting. This specialty paper is traditionally mould-made in a paper mill in England.

Standard Prints

Printed on high quality archival paper with no optical brighteners.

Genuine quality branded long-lasting inks.

Slight texture and rich inks for high quality prints.

Finished print has look and feel of an original painting.

Paper traditionally mould-made in a paper mill in England.

Paper Thickness

None of the prints & cards is on excessively thick paper but paper that suits their purpose; the greetings cards are sturdy and the prints are on good quality paper without it feeling like cardboard.


Each print is individually made to order by hand.

This means each print will have a handmade quality about it: the paper is beautiful, the colours are rich, the finish is original and beautiful.

Equally, a print may have insignificant marks and small imperfections due to the natural characteristics of the materials, as well as the tools and equipment used. This can be a bonus as, in many cases, it enhances the unique characteristics of the print.

Please note:

Print colours may vary from the images seen on screen due to different monitors.

Each print is unique.

Small differences between the prints is what sets them apart from the mass-produced sameness of factory, print-on-demand products in many online shops.

Each print from this studio is individually handled with care from start to finish to produce a piece that can be proudly displayed in any home.


The best way to ensure your print lasts a long time is to frame it and look after it as much as possible: keep it away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and damp environments.  Further advice may be available from a framer.

Copyright Notice

All content on this website, including artwork, designs, texts and ideas are the copyright of Claire Murthy unless otherwise specified.

All legal copyright laws apply.

Please Note

These details may change at any time without notice; existing materials, processes and carbon footprint are continually considered, improved and upgraded.

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