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Welcome to my cosy studio; home to cherished animals and flowers to be found up and down the country in British wildlife habitats, garden, countryside and woodland spaces. Here you will find tasty fruits and vegetables from the garden and nuts and berries from along the hedgerow - treats for us as well as the animals, birds and bees!

Take your time to wander over this small patch of illustrated garden and countryside.

It takes time to create something special and each piece, whether a fine art painting, an illustration or a book, has been nurtured with time and care from start to finish; time spent observing the beauty to be found outdoors, learning about it, sketching, drawing, painting, writing and illustrating.

Filled with imagination & inspired by the natural world to help share the delights to be found in nature.

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Everything you find here is originally created in the traditional, artistic way with pencils, paintbrushes and a joy for the wonderful characters to be found in the English countryside and garden, just beyond the doorstep.

Each design is carefully nurtured in Claire Murthy Studio to create a beautiful piece of art. I have written a children's nature book series, about a garden bird, the first version of which was published in 2022. I am currently working on a revised edition as well as compiling a beautiful book about the garden which I hope will be published later this year. 


Last year I illustrated a beautiful children's book about a honey bee on her foraging adventures across the countryside, conceptualised and written by Valerie Rhenius, which was launched in October 202 at the National Honey Show centenary event that was attended by HRH Princess Royal and the Queens Beekeepers as well as the internationally acclaimed adventure photographer of honey bees Eric Tourneret!


Claire is from the South of England. She paints wildlife, birds, bees and all things lovely that you might find in the British countryside and garden . She likes to capture the details as well as the personalities of the characters she paints and writes about. 

Paintings and illustrations from the Countryside and Garden

British wildlife . Books. birds . bees . countryside . watercolour . fine art . illustrations . gifts. 

Artwork by Claire Murthy identified by House and Garden Magazine to feature in their print advertorial ‘showcase of the most aesthetic and unique artwork’ 2020

British Wildlife Stationery and Country Garden Stationery. 

British Wildlife Gifts, Prints, Greetings Cards featuring Local Wildlife.

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