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- An Important Week -
A Read-aloud book in perfect rhyme - for all ages

You’ll never look at a garden bird again without a smile!

....Unless you’re a cat!

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Any Assessment would have to start... With Bird's little beating, pounding heart...

The poor robin was saved

From his fate with a cat,

Who was out hunting birds -

Not asleep on the mat.


By CHANCE, Bird avoided

The cat’s dinner bowl…

Now hoped to be freed

By a Kind-Hearted-Soul.

What will become of Robin?

Can he get through the rest of the week...?

An original children's nature story written in perfect rhyme. This tale will delight young children and independent readers alike.

A loveable garden bird has been rescued but feels a little dishevelled. He hopes to be released back to the wild…but first he must get through the rest of the week!

In this beautiful children’s story about a small garden bird, Robin is excited to be rescued and is looking forward to being returned to his local woods - he would love nothing better than to get back before Christmas, before the weather turns cold, but, once again, things aren’t going his way! 


Robin’s life has changed and he faces an uncertain time stuck inside the house while he recovers. The weather is heading towards winter, so if he doesn't manage to get back outdoors soon he might have to stay until the weather gets warmer, which could be a long time away. However, when he starts thinking about the cold weather ahead, he finds himself wondering if the comforts of living indoors might suit him better than surviving the cold winter days ahead as a wild bird fending for himself.


This is a unique children’s story about a garden bird who is friendly, charming and loveable, sometimes a little boisterous and very thoughtful.


A must-read for anyone who has ever stumbled upon a wild animal or bird in need of a little help, or has ever longed for the bond that comes with having a furry or feathery friend.


Join this loveable bird as he works through his new challenges, including a visit to the vet, in An Important Week, the second book of six in this delightful new children's fiction book series, Robin RoseHip: A Bird's Tale.

This easy-to-read, short and playful bird story for children is page after page of perfect narrative rhyme, sometimes called a 'poem story' by young children who love the sounds and rhythms and play on words. It can encourage natural skills in understanding sounds, rhymes and ideas through enjoyable rhythms with memorable patterns and phrases.


With a light touch of modern fairy tale this charming tale invites the reader into the imaginary world of a garden bird, stirring  the imagination of the reader.

*          *         *         *        *

Filled with a joyful spirit and brimming with imaginative wonder, this children's wildlife story is about an outgoing, friendly woodland bird; the popular robin redbreast - Britain’s national and most loved garden bird. (The robin is found in woods and gardens, so is sometimes called a garden bird and sometimes called a woodland bird!)

Follow this loveable woodland favourite as he prepares himself for the next part of his adventure in An Important Week, the second book of six in the delightful new children's fiction book series, Robin RoseHip: A Bird's Tale.

  • A short story that celebrates friendship, determination and kindness

  • Suitable for a range of ages

  • Fabulous rhyming verse for an engaging read-aloud, fictional wildlife story

  • Varying patterns, rhythms and sounds for fun and for developing reading skills

  • Features a loveable bird character and his friends

Robin RoseHip: A Bird's Tale is a complete story over six books, all told in perfect rhyme! A modern-day, children's narrative verse fairy tale!


A children's wildlife nature story that's bound to enchant the hearts and minds of all ages as the character of this somewhat cheeky garden robin is revealed; a perfect read-aloud rhyming tale about kindness and love for younger children to enjoy, or cosy reading for those with a soft spot for wildlife, birds and nature. 

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