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'End of Season Display' Colouring Sheet (Free)

Looking for a fun and educational activity for your little ones?


Download our free 'End of Season Display' colouring sheet from the Izzie Lizzie Busy Bee book series, perfect for children who are interested in learning about the fascinating world of honey bees.


Let your little ones get creative as they bring to life a beautiful end of season display featuring  characters from the books.


This product is a single sheet with a simple outline sketch based on the original watercolour illustration from the book. It must be downloaded and printed by the customer so that it can be used as a colouring sheet.


This is free downloadable colouring sheet to keep children engaged and entertained while also learning about the important role honey bees play in our lives.


More colouring sheets from the book will be made available at different times.


Simply download this now to get your hands on this fun and free activity today!

'End of Season Display' Colouring Sheet (Free)

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