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Wildlife and Countryside Stationery

Regular news on events, releases and other lovely things.

Studio Spring Clean

In keeping with this time of year, a big spring clean of the studio got underway over Easter. Work on new garden prints and wildlife greetings cards was put aside while the online shop layout was updated and a few more processes were set up. Other work that has been rumbling on in the background also started to take shape and I'm looking forward to sharing this news soon...

More good news is that, despite quite a few dull days this year so far, it was lovely and sunny over Easter, which brought out the best of the garden blossom and increased the outdoor activities, some of which made it into the sketchbook; the garden birds, in particular, have been so busy preparing their nests with small twigs, leaves and whatever else they collect to make their little homes warm. Just this morning, a crow who doesn't live in the garden but does visit occasionally to steal the mealy worms from the bird table, was hardly able to take off with so many twigs in his beak.

Illustration of a mouse making a mess with paint
Illustration of a mouse: 'It was the mouse that did it...'


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