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Regular news on events, releases and other lovely things.

Book about a Bird : Children's Book

This month is all about birds, including a brand new book about a bird - for children of all ages.

A spring clean is the perfect way to set the wheels in motion for the coming months – it clears out the old, tidies up the untidy, realigns the tracks and reignites the soul! It even allows time to work on an animal story about a bird, a children's book that I wrote a while back!

In my last post I mentioned some good news was coming and, so, this is it.

My first book is published – and I feel nothing but joy that it has been released from the ever-expanding gathering of notes, scribbles, poems and manuscripts that moves from box to bag, shelf to drawer, to wherever is considered safe - and back again.

All about Robin! Robin RoseHip : Feathers and Fluff is the first in a series of 6 books. The first edition is text only (with a few digital pen sketches), with attention on its layout and style - perfect to listen to at bedtime or for added interest for more able readers. I'm looking forward to the second edition of the books which will be illustrated. This should be ready by the first half of 2023 (maybe a bit later...).

The next few months are going to be quite busy – as well as progressing the books, the shop will be updated with the garden prints and wildlife greetings cards inspired by spring – hopefully there will be time to get the book illustrations well-underway, prepare and run a few art workshops and, by some miracle, maybe complete other paintings that I have in mind.

If you would like to read more, here's the link to Feathers and Fluff book page.

Animal Story about a Bird. This watercolour sketch of a robin was inspired by the original Robin RoseHip
Animal Story about a Bird. This watercolour sketch of a robin was inspired by the original Robin RoseHip

Here's the original watercolour sketch of Robin RoseHip - he's wearing his flower crown in this painting; what else would he wear as The Garden King!?

The original painting was bought a few years ago as a gift for someone who loves robins - there isn't a more charming Robin than Rosehip!

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