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Mother's Day and Spring Lambs

Despite a warm start to the New Year with some fairly mild days and a record-breaking warmest New Year's Day in the UK on the 1st of January 2022, the United Kingdom was plunged into the darkness from stormy skies, for a while.

The storms eventually cleared and the weather became its usual mixture of cold stretches and more rain, then warmer days - that sounds a little like spring on its way, so fingers crossed for some uplifting early winter flowers - the snowdrops could be out soon and it's a great time to spot the garden birds before the leaves start appearing on the trees.

So there's plenty to inspire some spring greetings cards over the next few weeks - after that I'll be looking forward to adding the new arrivals alongside the wildlife greetings cards and garden prints that are currently in the wildlife and nature stationery shop - hopefully, the spring lambs, ducklings and other sunshine joys are on their way, a timely reminder that Mother's Day has nearly arrived too.

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