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- Mischief and Mayhem -
A story about a wild bird for children

You’ll never look at a garden bird again without a smile!

....Unless you’re a cat!

nature book 3 mischief and mayhem

...Robin was overwhelmed with content as he stared at the food -
A hundred juicy mealy worms, which, to refuse, might appear rude…


The season was moving along -
No more butterflies, bugs or bees -
Each day Robin noticed the birds
Building winter nests in their trees.

By now he had learnt all the sounds,
Of new ways and activities;
Habits of household pets indoors
(And a small mouse chomping on cheese)

Will RoseHip get used to his new life indoors? 

Will he get used to the dog or stay safe from the cat?

Written as part of a book series to be enjoyed through the early reading years and beyond, Robin RoseHip books will grow with the reader from early enjoyment in rhyme to developing empathy and touching the hearts of older readers to enjoy over the years!

This read-aloud, thought-provoking children’s animal story is about a bird who lands on the doorstep. It's a book that celebrates kindness and is filled with beautiful sounds, perfect rhyming lines and various rhythms to keep the story moving, with fun and interesting ideas shared through its enjoyable rhythms with memorable patterns and phrases.


* * *

It is getting closer to Christmas and although this charming little garden bird still has ideas of escaping back to the wild woods up the road, he is starting to think about how he can keep himself busy.

* * *

An original, one-of-a-kind children’s story about a garden robin who is imaginative and thoughtful.

A beautiful story for anyone who has ever stumbled upon a wild animal or bird in need of a little help, or has ever longed for the bond that comes with a furry friend.

Join this loveable bird as he settles into living indoors in Mischief and Mayhem, the third book of six in this delightful new children's fiction book series, Robin Rosehip: A Bird's Tale.


  • A children’s nature story in narrative verse!

  • Themes of friendship, kindness, empathy and determination

  • Suitable for any age - as a narrated story or for independent readers

  • Fabulous rhyming verse for an engaging read-aloud, fictional wildlife story

  • Features a loveable bird character and his friends​

  • With illustrations

Robin Rosehip enchants the hearts and minds of all ages as the character of this somewhat cheeky garden robin is revealed; a perfect read-aloud rhyming tale about kindness and love for younger children to enjoy listening to, or cosy reading for independent readers with a soft spot for wildlife, birds and nature.

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