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- Christmas Bird Story -
Ding Ding Merrily Merrily Be

You’ll never look at a garden bird again without a smile!

....Unless you’re a cat!

nature book 4 christmas robin story

The Christmas edition of Robin Redbreast

- the chirpiest little woodland bird in town-

Robin's spirit was lifted

High on Christmas Day -

A festive gift almost blew

His small socks away;

To bring Robin Joy

And make the room Christmassy

Girl brought in a well-

Decorated Christmas Tree.

Book Four of this original nature book series for children can be enjoyed by independent readers who enjoy rhyming stories.

* * *

Christmas has arrived and Robin looks to find how he can entertain himself over the cold months of winter whilst stuck indoors.

Robin RoseHip is about to find a little Christmas joy in the fourth book of six in this original nature book children's fiction series, Robin Rosehip: A Bird's Tale.


  • A children’s nature story in narrative verse!

  • Themes of friendship, kindness, empathy and determination

  • Suitable for any age - as a narrated story or for independent readers

  • Fabulous rhyming verse for an engaging read-aloud, fictional wildlife story

  • Features a loveable bird character and his friends​

  • With illustrations

Robin Rosehip enchants the hearts and minds of all ages as the character of this somewhat cheeky garden robin is revealed; a perfect read-aloud rhyming tale about kindness and love for younger children to enjoy listening to, or cosy reading for independent readers with a soft spot for wildlife, birds and nature.

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