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The Full Story
Robin RoseHip
A Bird's Tale

A garden robin lay dead-still - 
Beneath an open window sill;
His back was flat upon the ground - 
Little Robin made no sound...

A cat had seen him as a treat
And hoped for something good to eat;
"One gulp," Cat thought, "would be enough
To dine upon this bungled fluff."

Will Robin be saved?

Who will come to his rescue?


robin rosehip feathers and fluff claire murthy 72_edited_edited_edited.jpg

You'll never look at a garden bird again without a smile!


...Unless you're a cat!

Any Assessment would have to start...

With Bird's little beating, pounding heart...

children's book about a bird nature story book_edited.jpg
nature book 3 mischief and mayhem
nature book 3 mischief and mayhem

...Robin was overwhelmed with content

as he stared at the food -

A hundred juicy mealy worms,

which, to refuse,


might appear rude…


Robin's spirit was lifted

High on Christmas Day -

A festive gift almost blew

His small socks away...

nature book 4 christmas robin story
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